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Sorta Vintage

Wonky Christmas star #2 is from my stash of Christmas Fabrics…some going back to the early 1990’s. This is for Katie and Chas.


Published by lucindaherring

I live at Portage Lake in Pinckney and on Lake Superior in the UP of Michigan. My mom and sister taught me to sew in the 60’s, and I made a lot of my own clothing and altered for other people until recently. I started crafting with my mom in the 80’s, making and selling lots of duck door stops and applique pillows. My first quilt was king sized and made for my husband (boyfriend at the time) in the 70’s. I believe it was just squares in browns and tied. I am a traditional quilter, but I have stepped out of my box a few times. Thanks to my friend Katie McGrath at I have joined 2 guilds, and love to quilt. When my husband retired in 2016 we decided to spend ½ time at the Lake Superior house we built in 2006. I built my She Shed in 2017 because there wasn’t a dedicated space in the house. I can use it 3 seasons (if I’m lucky). No heat, and limited electricity (if I run the little space heater and the iron at the same time, I have to go reset the breaker). Quilting changed dramatically when I rehabbed an old quilt from a friend’s cabin. It turned out so great, I bought a quilt top at an antiques market, then another at an estate sale, etc…… I wanted to keep track of my rescues, and had many people say I should start a blog. I’ll start with ‘Moorestown Modern I & II’. Enjoy my journey.

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